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Tube Axial Fans

Posted by Kasey Kessler on Jul 9, 2018 12:49:36 PM


Atlantic Blowers Tube Axial Fans are durable, versatile, and cost effective. Our tube axial fans consist of an outer metal housing and a cast aluminum fan directly coupled to an explosion proof motor (standard). Depending on the size, our fans come foot mounted with a portable handle, or caster-mounted making them easy to maneuver. One of the more prefereable features in an axial fan is it's power to performance ratio. These fans are incredibly efficient when it comes to moving air volume. For example, an 8" diameter fan can move 1942 CFM with only a 0.5 HP motor! This is achieved because of the axial fan's unique design. 

Axial Fan CatalogConcept and Design

Axial fans (as the name implies) generate flow by transporting air in an axial direction, parallel to the shaft from which the blades rotate. Atlantic Blowers Tube Axial Fans have a custom inlet bell and lobed blades as a standard feature. The lobed blade shape creates a higher laminar flow rate and reduces turbidity. This allows the air to flow smoothly and eliminates pulsing. The outer portion of the blade does most of the work which is the reason for it's increased surface area design. The outer blade rotates faster and thus, by increasing the surface area (i.e. lobed design) we can maximize the fan's efficiency without increasing it's power consumption. 


Atlantic Blowers Tube Axial Fans can be used in any application where air (or gas) must be conveyed, collected, or extracted. Our axial fans are versatile due to their maneuverability. This opens up a broad array of options in which to use our fans. 

Here is a list of common applications for which axial fans are used:

  • Welding fume exhaust
  •  Fume hood exhaust 
  • Spot cooling of heat generating systems
  • Paint spray exhaust
  • Exhaust heat/cooling of kilns, forges and steel mills 
  • Exhaust mist and vapor in paper mills
  • Personnel cooling in hot work environments
  • Process cooling of machinery and/or systems
  • Boosts airflow through long ductwork
  • General ventilation in factories, warehouses, or garages



 Options and Installation

Our fans come in a variety of sizes. They range from 8"- 32" diameters. Most of our fans are mounted on a swivel frame that allows for 360 degree rotation and all fans come equipped with a built-in motor starter with power chord. You can choose from either single phase or 3 phase motors that are all designed with an explosion proof classification. Upon request, we offer flexible ducting for targeted installations. 

Fan Selection


Atlantic Blowers can help you design your next application. We have knowledgeable application engineers to help you pick the best fan for your next job. please feel free to contact us anytime regarding your next project.