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The Importance of A Proper Ventilation System For Your Restaurant

Posted by Kasey Kessler on Nov 1, 2018 8:07:18 AM

high pressure centrifugal blowerA typical restaurant already holds a maze of contaminants in its food preparation and in the cleanliness of its employees that handle the food. Another important aspect of a restaurant's cleanliness is its ventilation system. Installing proper ventilation systems with high pressure centrifugal blowers and cooling equipment is as important for a restaurant as following food preparation procedures.


Why Is Ventilation Important For A Restaurant?

Airborne contaminants, such as smoke, grease, and particulates, tend to float around the air space of a standard commercial kitchen. More harmful gases, such as carbon monoxide, are also commonly produced in a restaurant's kitchen as fuel is burned for cooking. These all combine to make the indoor air quality a potential danger for every person inside the building. When indoor air quality suffers, anyone inside the building can suffer from coughing, headaches, and more. A proper ventilation system will reduce the contaminants. While a commercial kitchen will never be fully free of smoke or grease, taking the steps to install fans and blowers can keep the kitchen and food preparation areas more tolerable for employees. A ventilation system will also keep the kitchen area as cool as possible by removing heat and bringing in cool air from the outdoors. Both the employees and customers will also benefit from a ventilation system removing the many odors that a kitchen produces.

What Equipment Does A Ventilation System Need?

To ensure that the ventilation system performs all of these necessary tasks, a restaurant will need several different pieces of equipment.
  • Exhaust Fans: To maintain a good airflow that keeps ventilated air moving, a restaurant needs exhaust fans. Typically, they are installed on the roof or on the wall. High pressure centrifugal blowers displace air radially by changing the direction of airflow by about 90 degrees. Air knife blower systems are also extremely effective in circulating air flow.

  • Hoods: Installed over appliances that produce high levels of heat, hoods provide areas where heat and grease can be exhausted from the kitchen. They work in tandem with high pressure centrifugal blowers as they direct the unwanted particles out of the kitchen area.

  • Makeup Air Systems: The makeup air is the air that is brought in from the outside, meant to make up for the amount of air being exhausted. If there wasn't enough makeup air, negative pressure in the building can reduce indoor air quality and backvent smoke, odors, or harmful gases.

Every restaurant needs a functioning and efficient ventilation system to maintain the health and safety of its customers and employees. Make sure your system is up to par today by contacting industrial blower manufacturers today.