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The Hidden History Of Pressure Blowers

Posted by Kasey Kessler on Nov 8, 2018 5:40:11 AM
pressure blowersPressure blowers, while not always a well-known piece of equipment, have a fascinating and deep history. This incredibly useful, low-maintenance piece of technology dates back hundreds of years and has since been used in countless industries to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and keep workers safe. Read on to learn about the fascinating history of pressure blowers, centrifugal fans, and industrial blower manufacturers.

Early Beginnings

The earliest mention of centrifugal fans was in 1556 by Georg Pawer in his book "De Re Metallica," which explains how centrifugal fans were used to ventilate mines. This type of machine was essential during this time period to help keep mine workers safe on the job. However, shortly after this period, centrifugal fans fell into disuse, and this technology remained largely unutilized for several centuries.

In the early nineteenth century, pressure blowers started to appear in several different industries once again. This slow growth in The Marquis de Chabannes began advocating for their use 1815, taking out a British patent that same year. Meanwhile, in America, pressure blowers began to be used for steamships. In 1827 in New Jersey, Edwin A. Stevens used a pressure blower to blow air into the boilers of the steamship North America. A similar installation was done in 1832 by Swedish-American engineer John Ericcson. Shortly after, in 1832, a Russian engineer designed a centrifugal fan to be used in a wide variety of industries. This design is the basis for modern-day centrifugal fans.

Modern Day Applications

Currently, pressure blowers, axial fans, and centrifugal fans have applications in many different industries. Today, they are frequently found in food manufacturing and processing, where knife blowers are used to dry products before final packaging and regenerative blowers are used to move fragile food items. Additionally, regenerative blowers are used in waste management, dentistry and medicine, and even in modern spa systems.

Overall, these fascinating, low-maintenance machines have greatly impacted industries across the world for centuries. As technology develops, these machines will see greater use and wider application far into the future.

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