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Fan Failure: Centrifugal Blower Trouble Shooting

Posted by Kasey Kessler on Oct 22, 2018 7:46:15 AM

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Centrifugal air blowers are used in countless applications across a plethora of industries, including the food processing industry. Since one in six Americans becomes ill after consuming contaminated foods or beverages each year, these fans play an important role in protecting processed food items by collecting dust, as well as drying and cooling the products themselves. When these air blowers aren't able to perform their jobs properly, the health and safety of both employees and consumers could be at risk. In addition, this could cause business productivity to decrease and costs to increase. It's essential, therefore, that you're able to identify some of the most common issues that come up with centrifugal fans and be able to come up with viable causes and potential solutions.


Problem: Improper Airflow

Centrifugal blower suppliers stress that one of the benefits of choosing this type of blower is its consistent airflow. But improper installation and settings can cause poor airflow (or sometimes, too much of it). Issues with pressure loss, inconsistent ductwork, improperly installed filters, misaligned blade angles, clogged or poorly installed impellers, and other miscalculations can interrupt the airflow of your blower. Broken components like belts or drive coupling can also lead to a lack of airflow, as can a missing check valve. With so many possible causes, it's important to follow the instructions of the air blower manufacturers and have the unit inspected by a professional.


Problem: Too Much Noise

You might assume these blowers are meant to be noisy, but the truth is that a noisy fan may indicate a serious problem. It's important to assess where the noise is coming from within the blower; a noisy impeller might mean something totally different than noisy bearings. Strange noises may indicate that a component is misaligned, loose, worn out, poorly lubricated, defective, or otherwise damaged. If you know whether to listen for a squeaking sound versus a rattling sound or a whistling sound, you'll be able to better communicate with your repair technician or describe the sensation to your industrial blower manufacturers for assistance.


Problem: Excessive Vibration

Fan vibration often indicates an imbalanced impeller, motor, or other components. It could also possibly point to a loose foundation base or a lack of belt tension. Whenever possible, conduct a visual check of these components and assess whether they are aligned and balanced properly. Belt drives that are too loose or overly tight can cause vibration and possibly prevent airflow -- so this may be a good place to look first. Before calling your technician, you may want to determine whether all of the components are installed to your centrifugal blower suppliers' specifications and that the fan itself is running at the optimal speed.


Every piece of machinery needs a little TLC every now and then, of course. But centrifugal blower suppliers pride themselves on the longevity, quality and versatility of these fans for countless uses. To find out more about our products and how your business can benefit from their installation, please get in touch with us today.