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Posted by Kasey Kessler on Nov 29, 2017 1:37:25 PM

Air Knives

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Atlantic Blowers offers complete drying solutions for your application needs. In this excerpt we will be discussing Air Knives, Air Knife Systems, and how to get the most out of your drying application.    

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Air knives are used to blow off liquid and/or debris from products traveling on a conveyor. Typically, these systems are used to clean products before packaging or before a wash cycle. Air knives can be installed in any orientation desired, to ensure the most effective result for your application. As a product travels down a conveyor, it passes through a sheet of laminar air that sweeps debris off of the product. To elaborate further, this airflow can have two functions: Physically pushing/shearing debris or liquid from the product, or in the case of specific liquids such as water, can aerate a product until the liquid has evaporated. The distinction between these two functions is determined by the product, speed of the conveyor, and the performance of the air source powering the air knife. 

Atlantic Blowers Air Knife Systems

All Atlantic Blowers Air Knife Systems are powered by either a Regenerative or Centrifugal Blower. Using a blower instead of a compressor to power an Air Knife, can have very positive benefits on overall power consumption. In many cases, customers have seen a decrease in energy costs as high as 95%! This is achieved by the difference in operating principles between a blower and compressor (see our article on Regenerative Blower vs. Compressor). Beyond the benefits of energy efficiency, our Air Knife systems have a 1:1 performance ratio with the blowers they are coupled with. Unlike a compressor based Air Knife Systems, which relies on the Coanda Effect to compensate for the lack of air volume, however, our air knives have no loss in efficiency - you get out exactly what you put in.

We construct our Air Knives from two materials: 316 stainless steel, and aluminum. We also offer stainless steel or aluminum air nozzles and air pincers for targeted drying applications. Below is a diagram of one of our typical air knife installations.

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Our standard systems contain, a blower kit, neoprene flex hose, (2) support brackets, hose clamps, and an air knife with the option of a 2”, 3”, or 4” diameter inlet. However, each air knife system is customized to the customer’s application. In the case of customization we can offer a multiple air knife system that includes either a Y branch or manifold. A customized system can also include a mix of knives and nozzles.  

Mounting an air knife is made easy with our 316 stainless steel, multi-directional support brackets. With these support brackets you have the ability to mount an air knife vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or any mixture of the three. For best results avoid installations that are exactly parallel or perpendicular to the product. Angling the air knife in either a vertical or horizontal position greatly increase the drying efficiency of an air knife. 


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Our Company

Atlantic Blowers is a leading manufacturer of high quality blower driven Air Knife Systems and components. We have grown to be a leading supplier to many OEM’s in North and South American, Europe and Asia offering high quality value added components. Whether you use a Regenerative or Centrifugal Blower the engineers at Atlantic Blowers will assist you in finding the best solution for all of your air knife needs. Please feel free to call our team for any assistance.   


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